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Sleep Consulting Services

Quality sleep is a vital foundation for overall health and wellness for babies children and adults. Without quality sleep and time for our bodies to rest and restore, everyday daily functions become challenging and health can begin to deteriorate. 

At Your Baby Matters, we understand your desire for yourself and your babies to be getting quality healthy sleep and we are ready to help you achieve that.

Our holistic approach to your babies sleep will cover environment, routines, associations, nutrition and more.


As every baby and every family is unique, we work with you and your parenting styles, family commitments and situations to create sleeping plans that suit you. 

Service is suitable for babies and children from 4 months to 5 years.


Sleep Consulting Package Include:
  • Discovery call: This is the first step, obligation-free; you can chat to your sleep consultant, gets a feel for her, and share your littles ones current sleep patterns are and your sleep goals. 

  • Intake: Your consultant will send you a detailed intake form where you can provide lots of details about your little one and all their pillars of sleep.

  • Assessment and plan: Your consultant will provide you with an individual sleep assessment detailing all the changes you can start to make; these tweaks are where the magic starts

  • Home visit / Zoom call: Arranged at a time that suits your family; this visit is where we initiate some significant changes. Jenna will guide you through this whole process, leaving you feeling confident and ready to continue.

  • Follow-on support: As you take notes on your progress, Jenna will be cheering you on, answering your questions and guiding you on any final tweaks to make.

Our caring, understanding professional service will take the guesswork out and support you in making the changes that result in better sleep for everybody. 

Newborn Sleep

Enjoy your beatiful newborn, without the extreems of doubt and sleep deprivation

  • In home visit

  • Hands on methods

  • Learn to understand and respond to your baby's comunication 

In-home Package

Hit the ground snoring with our most popular package.


  • Personalised written assessment​

  • 2 hour home visit for support in implementing techniques

  • 2 weeks follow up support (business hours)​

Virtual support

Perfect for those out of area, or confident to implement changes alone

  • Personalised written assessment

  • Zoom support for implementing new techniques 

  • 2 weeks follow on support


How to get my newborn to sleep?


Sleep deprivation is the number one struggle of new parents. Newborns have small tummies and require frequent small feeds day and night. While it's important to have realistic expectations with your newborn, there are many things you can to start your little one on the path to great sleep.

Our Newborn Sleep Habits Program (from 0 - 4 months) will help give you all you need to know to start achieving longer stretches of sleep as soon as possible.

Newborn Healthy Sleep Habits (0 - 4 months) Program Includes:

  • 2- 3 hour home visit where we discuss holistic approaches to sleep

  • Assessment of sleep environment

  • Observing feeding and settling  

  • Hands-on teaching of wrapping and settling

  • Observing babies' tired signs and communication

  • Information on awake windows and sleep debt

  • 3 days follow on support for all those extra questions 


Book a free consultation chat with us today to start your program or organise your individualised program.

Image by Damir Spanic

"Our daughter was sleeping fine until she was able to crawl around in her cot and stand up in her bed. Then we started rocking her to sleep in the pram. Rocking her to sleep and having her in bed with us was fine until she was getting up every hour. This meant no sleep for us either. There were a couple of mums that had mentioned Jenna’s name to me to help us out. So I messaged her to see if we could get Some tips. Well we got more then just a few tips. We got a lot of information from Jenna and a lot of different options to help our daughter sleep. We changed her daily routine, her food and the amount of bottles. Straight away we noticed a big difference. After our home visit with Jenna our daughter has had the best sleeps she has ever had and so do we! I would highly recommend hiring Jenna to help you with your child. She is very relaxed and helpful and does not force her ideas on you but lets you figure out what is best for your child and family."


Other Services

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Postpartum Doula, Maternity Nurse, Overnight & Newborn Support Services

 We here to care for you, as you care for others. Motherhood is not a job for one person. Our tailored newborn support services are designed to provide mums' and the family with non-judgmental support and connection.  

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