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and learned the hard way what doesn't work. Figuring out what does work for your family can seem an impossible task when there is so much conflicting information and opinions available readily all over the internet. The thing to keep in mind is that there is no one answer. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to sleep.

You are not failing as a parent if your baby isn't settling. It just means it's time to try something new.

My Sleep Consultancy services don't try and fit one method of sleep training to your family, rather I work with you to develop healthy habits, supported sleeping cycles and teach you methods that you can both stick to, and feel comfortable doing.

Each visit will vary depending on how mum and baby are doing and what they feel they need. After filling a simple questionnaire, your visit will be individually tailored to you.

Some days may require an abundance of food cooked and prepared. Other days you may require a hormone boosting massage and a long nap whilst some of the household load is taken care of. While other days we may journey deep into your thoughts, desires and emotions.

Through these journeys, we can set intentions that will become part of the habits that will have lasting effects on you, your baby and bond.

The support does not stop there, I provide full family support and work closely at building a village that will continue to support you and your family well beyond your early post-partum.

Don’t panic if bub is having an unsettled day when we book our visit. We may plan for an hour massage, but then need to change it to a relaxing bath while I take care of bub followed by an indulgent foot rub while you feed your baby.

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Jen is so incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming which creates such an open and comfortable dialogue. It’s so nice to have someone asking how you are and if your needs are met - not just those of your baby. After all, a happy baby needs a content and supported mum! Cannot recommend Jen enough.

Jenna Affleck

Postpartum Doula & Sleep Consultant

Often people say "I just need to get through the birth first" then they stumble into parenthood somewhat shocked at the time and energy their new baby takes.

As a mother of four, Jenna has been there before, she understands the isolation, the sleep deprivation and the confusion created from the abundance of contradictory information available on the internet. Feelings of, guilt, worry and judgement are often taking the place of the overwhelming joy we expected to feel.

As a Postpartum Doula, Maternity Nurse and Baby Sleep Consultant Jenna is here to support you, she understands that every family is unique and is ready to support you in your own rhythm and flow as a parent. 

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