The Softening of our Bodies

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The softening of our bodies.

I’ve always found it interesting that the bodies of women across the globe in BOTH western society and more traditional societies (those fuelled WITHOUT fast food and the sugar industry), become larger and softer as they age.

It’s easy to assume in our society this is because we tend to slow down our activity, sit down more, and have access to as much wine, sugar and food as we please.

Yet this does not explain the similar occurrence outside our society.

Most women start noticing these changes around the age of 30years old when our tight firm youthful bodies begin to soften.

For many women, this softening coincides with the time when they start having their babies and can appear like these changes are happening only as a direct result of pregnancy. Adding this to the substantial emotional transitions they are going through as they grow into mothers. This can be a lot to hold.

When you follow social media icons whose followings are created by their ability to keep their hard and firm shapes. These softening can feel unwanted and unnatural.

The patriarchal society in which we live conveys a message that being hard, firm, robust and strong is superior. Then this softening’s can make us feel inferior.

But what if these body softening’s are the physical representation of your heart softening. As you age into a woman, a mother, an aunt, or a grandmother these softening’s are part of your wisdom. They are the soft hearts that nurture so well, they are the soft bodies that hold loved ones so well.

Take a moment to think of snuggling into that special woman in your life - your mum or your nan, maybe – her soft body that just felt like a cloud when it embraced you.

I welcome you to embrace your softening as your wisdom and let go of the belief that to stay firm and hard is superior.

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