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My baby's village!!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

We were all sitting together on Friday evening watching The Good Dinosaur.

There is a part where the small boy communicates to the dinosaur, using some sticks as figures, that his parents died.

My little one, Albie, didn't quite understand, so we explained in a very sympathetic tone that the little boys' parents had died. Albie thought for a moment and in a quite cheery tone asked "Well did he have any kids?" Our first response was to laugh and say "No, of course not - he's just a toddler." But then I realized what Albie was actually asking. Yes, this boy's parents had died - but did he have big "kids" like Albie has big kids in his life to care for him. As parents sometimes we place so much pressure on ourselves as the only caregivers for our children! But it certainly takes a village - my big kids are such a significant part of Albie's village!! So much so that Albie understands they could take complete care of him if necessary!! So so special!! 😍😍

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