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Crying over spilt milk

Recently I did a call-out on my social media as part of a campaign to share what motherhood really looks like, not the typical Instragram-perfect version of it. Only ever seeing the glossed over images of parenting can set up unrealistic expectations of what parenthood is like, and sets new parents up to fail - or worse - feel like failures. By thinking that they should be able to do everything on their own, it makes them feel shame when asking for help because they believe nobody else needs help.

This simply isn't true. Everyone needs help - it takes a village. That village can be made up of family, friends, paid support workers and more. But we have a stigma around parenting support because it can feel too intimate, or like if we do reach out we're burdening people with things we should be able to handle on our own. It's hard to share those imperfect parenting moments with people, especially when we don't see other people going through the tough slog.

So I would like to introduce a series of photos from real mums to showcase just how beautiful and raw parenting can be without the filters.

I would love to hear your stories and see your photos too! Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram, send me an email, or tag us in your posts @your_baby_matters #motherhoodseeusraw

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