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Postpartum Doula, Maternity Nanny & Overnight Support Services

We believe that motherhood is not the job for just one, and each mother's needs are unique. That's why our newborn support is a blend of our services to support you at each visit in just the way you need. 

Whether you are struggling to get out of bed and feeling like an emotional wreck, you just needs some tips and tricks for settling OR your eagerly trying to keep up in the corporate world by attending your emails and need a hand with bub and anywhere in between we have support for you. 

You will feel refreshed and restored after our visit and

gain confidence to learn lots of little tips and tricks to keep with you. 


Our in-home newborn support services provide the support you need to make the early months enjoyable and relaxing while gaining confidence and learning about your new baby. These services are extremely beneficial for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th babies, we can be your other set of hands ensuring you are nourished in the first months after your baby is born.

As a Postpartum Doula, we are there to support you as a mum
  • The focus is on support for mum

  • Food preparation and light housework

  • Massage 

  • Emotional and mental support

  • Individualised support

  • Assisting with other children

As a Maternity Nanny, we provide hands-on baby support
  • All aspects of newborn care

  • Feeding support -breast and bottle

  • Bathing

  • Routines

  • Sleep and settling

  • Day or nighttime support

During Overnight support we provide
  • All aspects of newborn care including the above listed for Maternity Nanny support

  • We can bring your baby to you for feeds so it provides support while you're breastfeeding

  • Managing settling, nappies and care between feeds

  • Overnight stay requires a bed for our support nurses as they will be napping while baby naps

  • Great support for mums who are pumping milk and find they're spending all their time pumping or feeding and have no chance to get some sleep for themselves

  • Perfect relief for tired parents who need a full night's sleep

Book your free consultation today. 

How to get my newborn to sleep?


Sleep deprivation is the number one struggle of new parents. Newborns have small tummies and require frequent small feeds day and night. While it's important to have realistic expectations with your newborn, there are many things you can to start your little one on the path for great sleep.

Our Newborn Sleep Habits Program (from 0 - 4 months) will help give you all you need to know to start achieving longer stretches of sleep as soon as possible.

Newborn healthy sleep habits (0 - 4 months) program includes:

  • 2- 3 hour home visit where we discuss holistic approaches to sleep

  • Assessment of sleep environment

  • Observing feeding and settling  

  • Hands-on teaching of wrapping and settling

  • Observing babies' tired signs and communication

  • Information on awake windows and sleep debt

  • 3 days follow on support for all those extra questions 


Book a free consultation chat with us today to start your program or organise your individualised program.

helping mums, newborn support, sleeping babies

"Thank you for all your support and encouragement – there is no way we could have survived without you.

You have looked out for me and after me more than I could have known would happen. THANK YOU!"


Other Services

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Sleep Consultant

For newborns, through to toddlers the journey to sleep can seem like a challenge. Our holistic sleep support is here to support your journey to better sleep, while working with your individual sleep goals and parenting styles.

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