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Find Your Village

Well done! You’re about to take the first step towards making your postpartum time amazing.

Check out the options below to get involved, find your support village and gain the knowledge you need to become the most capable parent you can be.

Sleep Talks

Coming soon!

Learn all about the world of sleep at our upcoming Sleep Talks.

Mothers' Circle

Our 5-week Motherhood Matters programs are designed and facilitated with Mum as the focus.

Post-birth Planning Classes

Prepare for what happens after the birth and in the first few weeks of parenthood at one of our workshops.

support group
Moms and Babies

The group was such a positive experience.
A a time when its all about the new baby, its refreshing to have the space to reflect on yourself, your new identity as a mum, your expectations and your changing relationships.
Jenna creates a safe space for everyone to openly share their thoughts and experiences with no judgement. An added bonus is the new friendships made with other mums that will continue outside of the group. It is a must do for all new mums.


mothers group.jpg

Mothers' Circle Group

We are social beings. We crave connection with others.


When we become mother's our need for social contact changes, we still need people don't get me wrong, but we need people who understand what we're going through and know how hard it is to connect to the world outside your family's bubble.


That's why mother's groups are such a vital part of your Village. They provide a wealth of knowledge, friends to turn to, people to listen when you just need to be heard - and they make you feel NORMAL again. 

Welcome to our Village!

Our 5 week facilitated program brings together the best of community support, lead conversations with a different focus topic each week all aimed at giving mums the tools they need to transition into motherhood.


Post-birth Preparation Classes & Sleep Talks


Whether you have been through it before and know how tough it can be, or it is your first time and the unknown is a little daunting … attendance at our Essential Post-birth Planning Class will provide valuable information to help you understand how you can create your unique version of a peaceful and enjoyable postpartum.

Workshops are currently held monthly in Nelson Bay and Wallsend.

What’s involved in our workshops?

Over 2 relaxed hours (and with 3-5 other couples), you will become confident in what to expect when you take your baby home. Your questions and involvement in discussions are vital for you to get the most from this experience, that’s why we keep our workshops small.

We strongly recommend you attend with your partner or support person – to ensure they can work with you in creating an enjoyable space once your baby arrives.

What you can expect:
  • Take home a toolbox of simple and effective tips and resources to support your breastfeeding journey

  • You will be provided with ideas to reduce the risks and effects of the shockingly common mental health issues that new parents in our society experience (such as postnatal depression, anxiety and overwhelm).

  • Prepare strategies for handling the variety of visitors new parents face, including how to recognize and survive any unwelcome guests or advice.

  • Understand the effects that stress & exhaustion can have on your motherhood journey, then develop robust methods to ensure that your journey is supported (as much as possible) via rest, nourishment and support.


We look forward to meeting you in our next class.

Please ensure when booking your tickets you select the class in your location.


Spaces are limited, book your tickets now. 

workshops & talks

We will have events listed soon!

Upcoming events include:

Sleep Talks

Post-birth Parenting Workshops

Mothers' Circle

Join the mailing list to be notified when our events go live. In the meantime you can book in for a free initial chat below.

Upcoming Events
mothers group.jpg

"Jen is so incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming which creates such an open and comfortable dialogue. It’s so nice to have someone asking how you are and if your needs are met - not just those of your baby. After all, a happy baby needs a content and supported mum! Can not recommend Jen enough."


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