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The online sleep program that improves the quality of sleep for you and your baby.

For babies 0 to 5-months

Learn to understand your baby's needs

During pregnancy there is so much to organise including an upcoming birth, that often consumes your mind, leaving little time and space to learn about your new baby’s sleep.

Whether you have made it through the birth and are now asking “What now?” Or you are 2-months, 3 months or 4 months in and the lack of sleep has really taken its toll, or even if you're simply getting organised before baby arrives, you have come to the right place.

In this digital video series, Your Baby Matters baby sleep expert Jenna Affleck shows you, in short, easy-to-consume videos, how to not only cope with the unexpected and sometimes challenging patterns of a baby's sleep but how to thrive in this time.

This video series will help you:

  • Understand when your baby needs to go to sleep

  • Know how to create the perfect environment to optimise your baby’s sleep

  • Become confident with swaddling techniques

  • Learn new hands-on settling techniques that you AND your partner can use to settle your baby

  • Learn how to teach your baby night from day and begin to lengthen nighttime sleep cycles

  • Learn a rhythm to your day that will not only meet your baby's needs but give you confidence in knowing what those needs are


"Everyone warns me about the 4-month sleep regression..."

Did you know the 4-month sleep regression is actually a PROgression, or a maturing of baby's sleep patterns? This program will guide you through easy to follow techniques helping you sail through the 4 month sleep changes without even noticing! 

Mother Holding Baby

"I just don't know what I'm supposed to do"

This is not an uncommon feeling. Unless you go and seek the information, how would you know what to do? You leave the hospital with your beautiful baby, and you just have to figure it out. Contrary to some common beliefs, you are not born with innate instincts that will ensure you thrive here.

But now you have landed here! You can learn this wisdom from those before you and understand what your baby needs and when they need it so you can find a beautiful nurturing rhythm with your little one.

"It's everything you need to know in 6 short, simple and easy videos PLUS heaps of bonus demonstrations from real clients that have benefited from my advice."

"I thought I could follow my baby's lead... but her cues are not easy to understand."

Understanding the sleep and wake requirements, what a tired baby actually looks like and what to do once you see the signs isn't always something that comes naturally to parents. Babies have different signs, cues, and communication to tell you when they need sleep. These videos will show you what to look for, so you know when to start settling your baby into sleep and start to create healthy sleep habits.


"My baby will only catnap and only on me."

Babies love the nice warm chest of their parents to take a nap, and if you love it and don’t have any other commitments, that is great. However, if you are ready to make some changes, this program will teach you some gentle hands-on methods to transition your little one onto their sleep surface and have you free to get some things done while baby naps.

Babies don't just fall asleep and you're not expected to "just know" what to do!

The struggle is never easy to imagine but it is real. That’s why this short series of videos has been developed; to help you and your baby sleep better. Can you imagine going through your current days without sleep deprivation? You’re not alone. The first few months after having your baby is probably the hardest adjustment to your life as a parent. Especially the changes to your normal sleep routine.


I would highly recommend Jenna for assisting with your baby’s sleep. I was frequently spending up to an hour settling my baby for her to only nap 20-30 min. She gave us a solid plan to follow, demonstrated strategies to help her settle more independently and work towards our goal of her being able to self-settle in her cot. We noticed a huge difference after a couple of days of implementing the changes and strategies Jenna suggested. Thanks so much Jenna x


Jenna is a sleep saver!!!!! 
I reached out to Jen after 12months of sleep deprivation I’d finally had enough. She gave great guidance/recommendations and after 3 nights of following her suggestions we had a sleeping (all night) baby.
If you follow the suggestions Jen provides, each evening it will make your child and your lives a lot easier especially when everyone is getting sleep!!!


Jenna is a baby whisperer! I can not recommend her enough. I was having to rock my 7 month old baby to sleep, sometimes it would take an hour and a half of rocking for her to only sleep half an hour with multiple night wakings. After a sleep assessment and home visits from Jenna Thea now sleeps for 6 hour blocks with minimal fuss at bed time! Thank you so much Jenna for all your help from one rested Mama!

  • Can you show me how to get my baby to sleep?
    I certainly can, I will give you all the tools and theroy that you can use, plus show you real examples of working with babies.
  • I figured I'd just know what to do. So why don’t I?
    Women have been having babies forever, it's easy to assume it will just come naturally, however in our culture we are rarely exposed to newborn babies for any extended period. If you have never lived in the house with a newborn baby, the only way you would “know” is if you sourced that information yourself.
  • Do I really need to know about this before I have the baby? I’m focussing on the labour.
    Labour can be a daunting thought, it's not uncommon for that to consume your thoughts and research while you're pregnant but that day will come and go quickly and then your will have a baby who needs to sleep. You will also need to sleep and if you have learned all this before, you will be ready and confident in what you need to do when the time comes.
  • My Mum and Nan tell me that putting my baby to sleep on his tummy is OK. Is it?
    Times have changed, we now know that formula every 4 hours and sleeping babies on their bellies is not ideal. It’s always best to put your baby to sleep on their back.
  • How do I know when he needs to sleep?
    That’s exactly what I'm here to teach you. Understanding the sleep/wake requirements of what a tired baby looks like and what to do once you see the signs is the simple foundation of healthy sleep.
  • Why can’t I tell if she looks tired?
    She doesn’t look tired in the way adults look tired, she has different signs, cues, and communication that I can share with you.
  • How long should my baby be awake for?
    There are general awake times for you to be aware of however every baby is different, you also need to learn your baby’s sleep cues and tired signs. I can show you them.
  • Should I jump up and feed him as soon as he makes a noise at night?
    You do need to be responsive to your baby, however being over responsive can be detrimental for you and your baby’s sleep. You will see what I mean in these videos.
  • Why do people just expect me to know what to do?
    I don’t expect you to know. Unless you have been around babies for all your adult life like I have, how would you know? Let me teach you though!
  • When he’s crying my partner just looks at me and says, “Well don’t you know? You’re his mum.”"
    It's hard for both of you as new parents because you have never done this before. I will demonstrate a method in these videos that your partner can use as well.
  • People spoke about sleep deprivation, but I didn’t ever imagine it would be this hard. How can I make it easier?"
    The struggle is never easy to really imagine… I’m here to help! Can you imagine going through your current days WITHOUT sleep deprivation?? It is possible if you know what to look for and when to act.
  • But I only know how to put him to sleep on my breast, it’s the only way he will settle, is that bad?"
    If you are happy with that, no, it's not bad! If you are willing to never be away from bub for more than 3 hours, no it’s not bad. Often babies will wake each sleep cycle for the breast to settle them back to sleep. If that fits with you, great. If you would like a method that your partner, mum, daycare worker or anyone else can use to settle your baby so you can get your hair done, go back to work, have a break or encourage longer sleep stretches, this series is for you.
  • Can you show my partner how to settle our baby?
    Yes, both Mum and Dad can benefit from these videos. By learning exactly when your baby needs to go to sleep, the settling process is much quicker and easier. These videos are short so both you and your partner can find the time to learn. Then we have added lots of real time bonus for extra learning.
  • Why does my baby always cry in the evening?
    This is a typical result of over stimulation and not enough sleep during the day. Let’s get your baby the sleep he needs for a settled evening.
  • Is ‘Witching Hour’ a real thing?
    The witching hour is caused by the over stimulation and lack of restorative rest throughout the day. Let’s work on that together.
  • Is this just what being a mum is like?
    Sure, it's extremely challenging at times, but we can make this the least challenging part.
  • Why doesn’t it look this hard on Instagram?? I see them all covered in makeup with their babies in cute outfits…. I can't even have a shower and have not changed out of my pjs for 3 days.
    Maybe those parents did this program! Also, Instagram is not real! Don’t strive for that perfect image, just strive to get yourself and your baby the rest that you both need.
  • What is normal for a newborn?
    While every newborn is unique, they all have the same fundamental needs, I’m here to give you a mud map of those needs and how you can work them into your day with your baby.

"Let me show you how to get better sleep for your baby, and you. It is possible!"


I've always loved babies and feel like I have been a mum forever. I am an older sister and from a young age, I saw the relief I could give my mum by helping out with my baby siblings. By the time I was 23 I had three kids of my own and my fourth came along when I was almost 30.


I found the first nine months of motherhood really challenging. I felt alone, isolated and was just waiting for my partner to get home each day. My "hallelujah" moment came when I discovered mothers' groups. I've regularly attended mothers' groups for the past 14 years where I have witnessed the the journey of challenges and triumphs for so many mums, and from there my passion for building and supporting parenthood villages has grown.

While pregnant with my fourth baby I noticed so many new mothers around my age, who were normally confident, successful women, but were now feeling really out of their depth. I couldn't help feel there was something major missing in the support of new parents. This lack of support is also reflected in the shockingly high rates of postnatal depression in our society. 

Postpartum support and helping parents get more sleep is how I am playing my part to reduce this issue. By building connected villages around new parents, providing the relief and support needed to make sure new parents feel competent and capable, and making the early stages of parenting easier.

Parenting is a hard job. it was never meant to be done alone, and it rarely turns out to be what you expected - regardless of how experienced you are. But it doesn't need to be lonely and stressful. It can be a great way to strengthen a connection with the valuable people around you, while you learn how to be the parent you want to be. 

We're in this together.

Jenna Affleck
Post Partum Doula & Baby Sleep Consultant

Practical advice that has given hundreds of parents confidence in their ability to support their babies. Now available online in a series of short, digestible videos.

Jenna Affleck Nanny Services.jpg

Jen is so incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming which creates such an open and comfortable dialogue. It’s so nice to have someone asking how you are and if your needs are met - not just those of your baby. After all, a happy baby needs a content and supported mum! Cannot recommend Jen enough.

Elsie Cooper

  • 24/7 access for 6 months

  • Bonus content

  • Watch on any device

  • Developed by an experienced Sleep Consultant

  • Approved by real parents

  • Real life results

  • Only 6 Short videos

  • Practical and easy to follow advice

  • PLUS Bonus real time examples

  • Help your baby sleep better

  • Provide a more relaxing environment for your baby

  • Feel more confident in your ability to settle your baby

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