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My Parenting Journey


I've always loved babies and feel like I have been a mum forever. I am an older sister and from a young age, I saw the relief I could give my mum by helping out with my baby siblings. By the time I was 23 I had three kids of my own and my fourth came along when I was almost 30. I found  first nine months of motherhood really challenging. I felt alone, isolated and was just waiting for my partner to get home each day. My "halleluiah" moment came when discovered mothers groups. I've regularly attended mothers groups for the past 14 years where I have witnessed the the journey of challenges and triumphs for some many mums', and from there my passion for building and supporting parenthood villages has grown.

While pregnant with my fourth baby I noticed so many new mothers around my age, who were normally confident, successful women, but were now feeling really out of their depth. I couldn't help feel there was something major missing in the support of new parents. This lack of support is also reflected in the shockingly high rates of postnatal depression in our society

Postpartum support and helping parents get more sleep is how I am playing my part to reduce this issue. By building connected villages around new parents, providing the relief and support needed to make sure new parents feel competent and capable, and making the early stages of parenting that bit easier.

Parenting is a hard job. it was never meant to be done alone, and it rarely turns out to be what you expected - regardless of how experienced you are. But it doesn't need to be lonely and stressful. It can be a great way to strengthen a connection with the valuable people around you, while you learn how to be the parent you want to be. 

We're in this together.


"I just wanted to share my own experience. I have just had my third Bub and with no local family support, I decided to get help (one day a week) from a local postpartum doula. Well what a godsend!!!!!!!!

She has been our fairy godmother. She is like having your own mum/aunty/best friend all in one. Jenna has cooked meals, fed my Bub, looked after my boys, tidied up, helped with shopping, meal planning, stocking our freezer and given mental support to help me get through these weeks and help my Bub with our feeding issues.

If I’m any doubt to get help…. don’t hesitate!!!! The most worthwhile thing to spend your money on for your own sanity!!! If you don’t have the luck to live close to family or a ‘village’, this can quite literally save you. Postpartum doulas should be available for everyone"



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Postpartum Doula, Maternity Nurse, Overnight & Newborn Support Services

Pre-natal refers to the care of the baby, Postpartum refers to the care of the mother. As a Postpartum Doula, I’m here to care for you, as you care for others. Motherhood is not a job for one person. My postpartum doula program is designed to provide mums with non-judgemental support and connection. 

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Sleep Consultant

For newborns, through to toddlers the journey to sleep can seem like a challenge. I can help you build a variety of tools in your toolkit that will make you feel like a capable parent and help your whole family get good quality restful sleep.

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